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A book review....

I know. I should have warned you. I've finally finished a book.

I picked up "Knocked Up" after reading this article about how the author says the movie ripped off the book. Come hell or high water, I was reading a book that would be a hit movie this summer. And seeing as I'm only at the picking hat scene in HP 1, that wasn't going to happen.

I also bought Wiped! Life with a pint-sized dictator

So, I'm all excited that I'm finally reading an adult book. Granted, its about getting and being pregnant. But its a book. With no pictures.

I was enjoying first. Yeah, everyone takes 8 pregnancy tests to be sure. No one really knows what is happening to their body. But you know what they do?? They seek out that information. They don't just cry and whine about how their ass is getting big. They do not keep smoking. They actually call their fiancee by his name (this really annoyed me...she never once mentioned his name..only called him "the fiancee"). They don't actually consider the name Apple for a girl.

They don't schedule a c-section because they actually believe that they won't have any pp bleeding. Yeah, this part killed me. She scheduled a c-section because it would be easier, and then was really, truly, pissed when the doc told her she'd need to buy maxi pads. She honestly thought that she wasn't going to be bleeding.

Oh, and I know from personal experience that one is not up and walking 2 hours after a c-section. Not possible.

Plus, even after all of the advice she was getting on breastfeeding, she chose to formula feed. After all, she was formula fed and she's just fine... except for the fact that she's totally self-absorbed and obsessed about her weight (she thinks she needs to weigh, at the most, 112). Oh...and she had a Nanny, even though she was planning on staying at home, at least for three months.

They did end up naming the baby Rowan, which is cute...but she only thought it was cute because it was Brooke Shield's kids name.

She wrote this from her own experience. This author is shallow, self-absorbed and a horrible parent. She went out drinking with her friends two weeks after the baby was born and made sure the Nanny could spend the night because she didn't want to have to take care of her in the morning when she knew she'd have a hangover.

Now I don't know if I want to read "Wiped". I'm sure it will go on and on about how her child is such a burden. Let's hope she sticks with her promise to herself that she doesn't have any more children.
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